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Mondsee as perfect scenery for your wedding

The unique landscape around Mondsee in the Salzkammergut with its variety of romantic places is a prefered place to marry in Austria.

About 250 bridal couples from more than 30 different countries use every year the opportunity to say yes in Mondsee. The advantages are obivous - let us present you them.

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For your civil wedding service an ancient representation room in the Mondsee castle is used. As an alternative the civil wedding service can be take place on one of our ship while cruising over the Mondsee lake.

As a special benefit we guarantee at least 45min time for your ceremony. As you may have heard in some towns the whole act has to be finished within 15 minutes. We think this is too little time for the most beautiful day of your life. Therefore we ask for your understanding that a maximum of eight civil wedding services can take place a day. If you intend to marry in Mondsee please ask for free dates a minimum of 4 months in advance. Another benefit of Mondsee is the registrar (master of ceremony) - he obtains the lowest divorce rate all over Austria which means saying yes in front of him is a good omen for a lifelong togetherness.

For your religious wedding service you may choose between the various churches all over the region. Not only the famous wedding church from the movie "Sound of Music" is placed at the disposal. By the way - in our catholic and protestant churches religious services between different confessions are not at problem at all. Ecomenical services to us are in a todays globalized world a matter of course.

Speaking of global: we offer either civil or religious services in almost every language. Please ask the ceremony master or the priest which languages can be provided.

To get some impression how your wedding could be like just watch the fotos above. We'd like to thank the bridal couples and fotographers for providing them.


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