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The Mondsee region

The pearl in or the gate to the Salzkammergut region

Let's assume you buy a travel guide about Austria or more detailed about the Salzkammergut region or Salzburg and its surroundings and you search for the city of "Mondsee". The guide will desribe you our home town either as "pearl in the Salzkammergut" or "gate to the Salzkammergut".

Let's assume you would like to get to know Mondsee (btw. moon lake in English) and find out for yourself if we are more pearl or gate. Anyway just take the highway exit "Mondsee" and decide for yourself: "Going left direction Irrsee or right direction Mondsee"? This difficult decision you have to make on your very own.

Of course the region around the Mondsee and Irrsee is dominated by its bathing lakes. Mondsee and Irrsee are named "brothers" although they are more like day and night. One, the Mondsee, is a lively, sportly and active bathing lake providing the right offer for all kinds of fun. The other is protected by nature conservation laws and well known for its romantic watersides. Between and around the two lakes one word describes experience without boundaries: diversity. Diversity for discoverer.

[Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf den Mondsee[Translate to Englisch:] Blick auf den MondseeMitten im GrünenMitten im GrünenWestufer IrrseeWestufer IrrseeAusblick vom SeestüberlAusblick vom Seestüberl in InnerschwandFischen im IrrseeFischen im IrrseeKitesurfen am MondseeKitesurfen am MondseeWandern in InnerschwandWandern in InnerschwandKreuzsteinSpringbrunnen am MondseeSpringbrunnen am Mondsee

Now it is up to you what you would like to discover first: relaxation, fun and action, culinary features, romance, luck, or.... Anyway providing you with information you are looking for is our job. If you not find sufficient information on this website feel free to contact us.

After visiting our website still one question is not answered: pearl or gate? The gate of course has to do with our direct access to the highway. If you want to go further into the legendary Salzkammergut region you first have to stop in Mondsee. The attribut "pearl" is a big honor to us and we say thank you to the author first calling us so. But we say that we are not that exquisit like a pearl even though we are really proud living and working in a unique Austrian region. We would name ourselves as the whole diversity of Austria on one spot.

Still one question to go: left or right? or both?

We would love to help you answering this question. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


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