Winter landscape at lake Mondsee with mountain view

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Sights - Zell am Moos am Irrsee

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 /  Zell am Moos am Irrsee  / Points of Interest
garden gallery Hans Mairhofer-Irrsee
Zell am Moos am Irrsee

Walkable art from plastic, relief from sculptor Hans Mairhofer in the middle of plants, flowers and trees. ​

Golden carriage
Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

J. Ernst Sheichl from Oberhofen in 1947 wrote the text for the information boards "Golden Carriage" and "Dead Man" and dedicated them. In 1987 they were renovated by the "Stadtjackl-people" (Barbara and Lutz) from Sommerholz. Lyrics in German written by J. Ernst...

Haubner chapel
Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

Between two mighty Linden (natural monument) stands the Haubner chapel. When it was built is not known. However, it was essential for the previous owners, Johann and Maria Wesenauer, about 500 years old Madonna statue. For security reasons, the couple let the statue...

Heissinger Höhe
Zell am Moos am Irrsee

If you take a short side trip from the Almwiesenweg, you can enjoy a beautiful.

cheese dairy Hingerer
Zell am Moos am Irrsee

Our farm is situated between Mondsee and Zell am Moos. It is since 1990 managed organically. The cheese from our bio-milk has a tasty aroma. ​ We have a silo-free grassland farm with dairy cattle and our own offspring. Part of the organic milk is processed into...

Hubertus portrait
Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

The Hubertus portrait used to be at another hunting lodge and was brought here by the current owners of the hunting lodge.

Irrsee - Ceramics
Zell am Moos am Irrsee

The workplace from Monika E. Mayrhofer arose 1982. The shop has really various pieces and indiviual ceramic. ​ The workshop of Monika E. Mayrhofer has existed since 1982. In the Showroom you can always see a variety of individual pieces of art and...

Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

The Kolomansbruendl, which was the reason for the formation of church and pilgrimage, unfortunately does not exist in its original form. It was incorporated in the 60s with the construction of the radar station on the summit of Kolomansberg for...

Kolomans church
Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

​The church at Kolomansberg is a particularly notable national Sanctuary. ​It owes its origins to a catch legend: on the way to the Holy Land, the Irish king's son Koloman had rested here and awakened the spring. The Kolomansberg was one of the most important...

Kolomans board
Zell am Moos/Tiefgraben

​On the mountain ridge, where the path from Henndorf to Zell am Moos meets the Kolomansbergweg, there were several boards on the tree from time immemorial, in order to point the way for hikers and pilgrims. ​Restaurateur Josef Daberto from Salzburg / Taxham came here...

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