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Places of happiness

Escape your every day life and find your personal happiness in our nature!

We are pleased to help you a little bit with finding your individual happiness. All over the Salzkammergut we defined more than 200 special places of happiness. All these spots have a personal charm. They either fit perfectly into our landscape, have a legendary background or are places where religious rituals have taken place for centuries. 

We would love to present the following places of happiness below to you. At some places you'll find a brief description (in English as well).

Have fun exploring our landscape on your own and find your individual place of happiness. Nevertheless - do not hesitate to contact us for an insider tip!


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Our places of happiness in the region Mondsee-Irrsee

Tiefgraben am Mondsee

St. Koloman's church

The St. Koloman's church is the oldest wooden church in Austria. close to the summit of 1.114m high Kolomansberg lies the only complete wooden church in Austria. It is assumed that this site was formerly a place of worship in the Dark Age. Close to…

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Zell am Moos am Irrsee

Lime famer's chapel

The ‘Lindenbauernkapelle’ Chapel was built in Lindau, Zell am Moos from 1820-1830 and named after a lime tree farmer who lived alongside. Today it is owned by the community of Zell am Moos. However, the small chapel is still looked after by a lime…

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Oberwang bei Mondsee

Hochalm gazebo

In the past alp area from monastry Mondsee, now a popular hiking target. On the eastern side of Oberwang at Mondseeberg you will find Almplatzl, the former site of Hofalm (Hochalm), which was part of the monastery or comital landscape.Favourite…

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Mondsee am Mondsee

Wedding church basilica St. Michael Mondsee

The basilica St. Michael is the cultural and spiritual heart of the Mondsee region. This gothic former monastery is just as striking today as ever. Its two towers stretch 52m into the sky. This late gothic church was constructed in the 15th century…

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St. Gilgen

Kreuzstein cascade

Wildly romantic natural waterfall in Kreuzstein at the foot of the Schafberg From Mondsee drive towards Unterach and turn right at Burgau. You can then park your car here and follow the signs behind the former Hotel Kreuzstein directly to the…

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Tiefgraben am Mondsee

Hilfberg Church

The pilgrimage church on the Hilfberg mountain dominates over the Mondsee bay from its spectacular location. The Hilfbergkirche at the Hilfberg can be reached in a few minutes from the market square of Mondsee and is also often visited for weddings…

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Oberhofen am Irrsee

Celtic hill

Mystic grassy hill north of the Irrsee lake and according to the tradition the resting place of a Celtic prince.​ The Celtic hill is located in the region called "Gegend" in the district of Oberhofen an is owned by Anna Schindlauer. The mass of the…

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St. Lorenz am Mondsee

Thekla chapel

This forest chapel is located on the Klausbach near Plomberg St. Lorenz. It was erected thanks to the fact that on its site a chaplain was saved from a tree that had a picture of St. Thekla. Let us start the walk at the Gasthof Drachenwand in St.…

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Tiefgraben am Mondsee

Radstatt chapel

Finishing point of a crossroad from Oberwang across the spine of Mondseeberg. Taking its name from the wheel and Celtic symbol leading people to believe that it was a former place of worship.Mondsee - over Haubert to Mondseeberg - Radstatt - Path…

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Oberhofen am Irrsee

Wildeneck ruin

Knight Rapot von Sponheim Ortenburg... Built 1140 on the eastern side of the Koloman's hill the Wildeneck castle as seat of the government for the region around the Mondsee and Irrsee lakes. In the late 16th century the castle was already deserted…

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