© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus/MondseeIrrsee/Michael Grössinger: Luftaufnahme vom Mondsee, im Hintergrund die Drachenwand.
Luftaufnahme vom Mondsee, im Hintergrund die Drachenwand
Luftaufnahme vom Mondsee, im Hintergrund die Drachenwand

The aroma of our nature
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Back to nature - with our smartphones?

"Mommy!" - a little boy enjoys the screeching birds flying around at the lake promenade in Mondsee - "What kind of birds are they?" "Well, they are small and white, the swan there is big and white, so they will probably be the children of the swan!"


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Admittedly, this misidentification is somewhat extreme, but it happens in one way or another every day in our region. The knowledge about biodiversity, habitats and the resulting connections that was necessary in earlier times is simply not required knowledge in our technologized and digitized world.
The consequence: The average Austrian knows three animal species and five plant species, but seventeen car brands with their right name.

Biodiversity in the region Mondsee-Irrsee

The region around Mondsee and Irrsee is home to a wide variety of habitats with a high level of biodiversity. From the moor meadows around lake Irrsee to the forested slopes and the orchards of agriculture to the rugged cliffs of the Northern Limestone Alps, there are opportunities to make many interesting observations and immerse yourself in nature.

However, the little piece of technology in our hands, our smartphone, can also be of great help to gradually recover our lost knowledge of nature.


Nature experience Mondsee-Irrsee

Nature lovers will get their money's worth at various events in the region around Mondsee and Irrsee. Look forward to guided hikes with the tourism director, wild herb adventure hikes, "water adventures" and "life in a water drop".


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