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Mondsee and Irrsee: Our natural jewels

The two lakes Mondsee and Irrsee enjoy a status which is particularly worth protecting.
Nature thanks this protection with unique natural experiences.

Around 50 years ago, people in the habitat of Mondsee and Irrsee realized that their cultural and natural landscapes are a real treasure. The Irrsee and its adjoining riverside areas have been raised to become the oldest nature reserve in the Salzkammergut today.
Since many years, lake Mondsee is also an official European nature reserve.
The people who live on the shores of the lakes are more aware than ever of the natural resources for which they are responsible. This attitude enabled a protection of true natural jewels and intact habitats for flora and fauna.

Natural diversity

Take your time and explore the many small mosaic-stones of an intact habitat. Through careful observation, you have the opportunity to get to know special animals and plants of our region. Did you know that the well-known Cafe Frauenschuh in the center of Mondsee is named after a rare orchid species that is still found here?

Strict protection

Many animals and plants, but also habitats, such as orchards, are endangered in their existence.
Some animals, such as the "Perlfisch" (Rutilus meidingerii), a species of ray-finned fish, and the "Seelaube" (Alburnus mento), only occur in a few Salzkammergut lakes. The spectacular spawning of the "Perlfisch" takes place in April. The best observation points are the tributaries of lake Mondsee, like e.g. the Zeller Ache.
Another endangered species, the Eurasian curlew (Numenius arquata) is still breeding around lake Irrsee. His mating flights are accompanied by typical flute tones and are initiating spring in our habitat.

Intact togetherness

Of course, Mondsee and Irrsee are available to its residents and their guests for leisure use. Smaller restrictions, such as a motor boat ban for private individuals, guarantee that our unique landscape will be preserved for the next generations. Our lakes can be experienced most ecologically by bike, on foot, by electric boat or rowboat.


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