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Proper behavior in nature

Dear guests, dears friends of nature!

The habitat around the lakes Mondsee and Irrsee in the Salzkammergut enables you to discover untouched nature.
We invite you to embark on your personal expedition to observe our animals and plants. It is a nice feeling to know that you can move through an ancient cultural landscape, be it on foot, by bike or by boat, with the background that it should be preserved for many generations.

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We ask you to comply with the following rules:

Nature reserves, water protection areas, natural monuments  and the borders of the European nature reserve are marked accordingly. These natural areas enjoy our special protection. Therefore they must not be entered or polluted outside of marked paths.

Examples: a cigarette butt that is carelessly thrown away in the protection area of a spring, can poison the spring water of a farm; entering a bedding meadow can cause ground-breeding bird species to abandon their brood.

Thankfully, many rare animal and plant species are still found in our region. Plants should reproduce in their natural habitat and should therefore not be taken home. Some species are under such strict protection, that taking them with you is a crime.

Animals should be disturbed as little as possible, especially in the breeding season or if they have hatchlings, but also in times of need - at low temperatures and closed snow cover.

Excessive noise should be avoided wherever possible, but especially in winter you should not sneak through the landscape absolutely silently, as wild animals can better identify potential dangers for them and are therefore less likely to panic.

The network of trails in our region was created for guests and locals to use. A lot of energy and work goes into maintenance. Therefore, please use the network of trails according to its designation as a hiking trail, mountain bike trail, etc.

Various supervisory bodies are active in nature, such as hunting and forestry personnel, natural guard organs and fishery supervisors. If necessary, they can point out correct behavior in nature and even report it in the event of serious misconduct. Please follow the instructions of these organs, as well as land owners.

Of course, all the garbage you are carrying along has to be taken back home!


Attention dog owners!

Your dog is certainly looking forward to spending time with you in nature. Please make sure that your dog is on a leash or at least responding to the command "heel". Especially dogs and their owners are often to blame for the fact that wild animals feel disturbed or, as with the ground-breeding bird species already mentioned, a brood is completely lost (The bird does not know that your dog "won't hurt him", for him every dog ​​is a potential enemy.)


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