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Nature experience in June

The yellow lady's-slipper - rare orchid species and the name of a café in the center of Mondsee (Frauenschuh).

The inhabitants of Mondsee associate the name "Frauenschuh" (yellow lady's-slipper) with a café in the center of Mondsee. Only a few people know that the name comes from a rare orchid species.
However, if you enter the traditional café on the market square, you will find a wall painting that shows a blooming flower - the yellow lady's-slipper.

Now that you know how the plant looks like, you can head off and search for the beautiful flower in our forests.

The best chance to see a blooming yellow lady's-slipper is on the way to the Schober summit in June.
There, the orchid occurs (in addition to other rare orchid species) in larger stocks.

Interesting fact: The orchid lives in symbiosis with a mushroom. A young lady's-slipper feeds exclusively on this fungus for the first few years and develops the first green above-ground leaves only after that time. It can take up to 16 years for a lady's-slipper to bloom for the first time.



The lady's-slipper, as well as the orchid species that occur with it, are under strict protection. Any picking, any damage, even any impairment of the location (e.g. pollution) is punishable. Enjoy this unusual and rare plant, take a few photos, but please leave the plant alone.


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