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Nature experience in July

Hiking up to lake Eibensee.

Behind mount Drachenwand and under the peak of the Marienköpfl, lies the nature reserve Eibensee. The Eibensee is a small, but very idyllic mountain lake and a gem of untouched wilderness.

Its gravel banks invite you to enjoy a little snack here and if you dare, you can also take a dip in the cold water.

The name of the lake comes from the German word for the yew-tree (Eibe).

This tree species is known to grow very slowly and to make no great demands concerning its habitat. The tree is also very poisonous - 50 grams of its needles can be a lethal dose for a human.
The yew seed is surrounded by a red, non-toxic seed coat, which is taken up by birds, thus contributing to the spread of the species. The occurrence of the yew in the our region is rare.

The most impressive tree grows directly in front of the Basilica St. Michael in ther center of Mondsee.
In the municipality of Innerschwand, a whole yew forest has been protected. However, this nature reserve is not accessible.


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