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Nature experience in August

Summer rain = Fire salamander

Even in the middle of summer, it can occasionally rain in the region of Salzkammergut.

Rainy weather sometimes raises the question of an alternative to the lido. Why not put on a raincoat and waterproof shoes and start an expedition to find some fire salamanders?

When there is drought, the fire salamander, an amphibian species, usually hides in the humid and shady areas of the bush-wood. As soon as it rains and there is no risk of drying out, the fire salamander can be discovered relatively easily along forest roads and hiking trails.

Due to its striking yellow and black spotted appearance, the fire salamander is also relatively easy to discover.

In the olden days, people believed that the skin of the fire salamanders was fatally toxic and that the skin's secretions were able to extinguish fire. As a result, countless animals were thrown into the fire and found an agonizing death in the flames. All that remains of this superstition is the name "fire salamander". However, it should be mentioned that the secretion of its skin has a certain toxicity and can cause burning skin and blisters.


The fire salamander is protected. Please do not disturb the animals. If you find an animal e.g. on a (busy) street, you can bring it to safety with the help of a leaf or a piece of bark. But please be careful, the skin of a fire salamander can cause a burning sensation when touched, and even nausea in children.


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