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View from a boat across lake Mondsee and the nature with trees. Aside there is a couple in an electro boat

Nature experience in October

Who is the most colorful?

October is known for the many different colors of the forests. The leaves of the deciduous trees lose their strong green and change into different shades of yellow and red before they finally fall to the ground. On the ground, the leaves of the deciduous trees are decomposed into humus by various animals and microorganisms, thereby forming a livelihood for many other animals and plants.

The discoloration process of plants is a complex chemical reaction in which the deciduous trees prevent themselves from drying out due to a lack of water in wintertime. The most common deciduous tree in our forests is beech. Without human intervention, all of our forests would be beech-dominated forests, but the introduction of spruce has fundamentally changed our forests.

Now afforestation is trying to reduce the percentage of spruce and to create forests, which are typical of our region again. Our forests are home to 17 genera of deciduous trees, each with several species. These are: maple, alder, birch, hornbeam, hawthorn, beech, ash trees, holly, apples, poplar, stone fruit trees, pear, oak, willow, white berries, linden and elm.
Do you manage to identify all species in the right way?


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