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Nature experience in December

Feeding of game animals

We are happy to help many animals during the cold winter months, especially when there is a closed snow layer.

Either we feed the birds in our aviary, where we provide fat balls and grain to our feathered garden residents or we feed the animals in the forests of our region.

Feeding game is a very emotional topic for our hunters, the advantages and disadvantages of which should not be discussed here.

The fact is that game feeding, especially of roe deer, also takes place in MondSeeLand. The game can be found at the feeding points, especially in so-called emergency times, when it is very cold and there is a thick layer of snow.





Behaviour during winter hiking, snowshoeing and ski touring

  • Take notice of existing signposted regulations, e.g. wildlife protection areas, hunting restricted areas, etc.
  • Avoid hiking through resting areas or feeding points for wild animals
  • Avoid noise, but do not go absolutely silently through the forest (so the animals won't get frightened and won't panic)
  • Only walk on signposted hiking trails, don't go cross country
  • If possible keep a distance to the dear and watch them from afar
  • Dogs on a leash! It is absolutely irresponsible to let dogs run freely in the forest during the harsh winter time
  • Don't stay in nature before sunrise and after sunset


If you want to experience winter feeding, you should do this as part of a guided hike with a hunter/forester.



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