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Nature experience in January

Set out to the special observation spots in our region!

Loyal winter guests

Many species of birds migrate south in the cold winter months. While some species such as swallows and storks are flying all the way to Africa, water birds in particular spend their winter north of the Alps. When the water freezes in their traditional breeding grounds in Scandinavia, they are coming back to the Salzkammergut, where we can watch a colorful variety of waterfowl at our lakes.

The best observation spots

Lakeside promenade Mondsee

Different types of seagulls with their acrobatic flight inserts provide a typical winter picture on the lake promenade in Mondsee. Up to 300 black-headed gulls can be found every year on the lake promenade until early April. Due to ringed individuals it is known that there are guests from Poland, the Netherlands, Serbia and Slovakia. In addition to the smaller black-headed gulls, there are also some mew gulls on the promenade. Queen of the seagulls is the huge Mediterranean seagull, which can also be observed at our promenade. There are also various types of ducks, coots, mute swans and cormorants.

Lakeside (parking lots) between Plomberg and Scharfling

The freely accessible parking spaces (depending on the amount of snow in January) between Plomberg and Scharfling allow a view nearly over the entire lake. The southern part of the Mondsee is the traditional wintering place for rarer species, which are only detected in small numbers in Austria every year. Particularly impressive are the large and elegant loons, such as black-throated loons and red-throated loons, who can stay under water for over two minutes while fishing and reach diving depths of 45 meters.

River Seeache (outflow of lake Mondsee)

At the southeastern end of lake Mondsee, lake Mondsee flows over the Seeache into lake Attersee. On both sides of the bridge, you can usually meet a large number of  rare winter guests. Particularly noticeable are the males of the common goldeneye duck, which are already looking for a new partner for the upcoming breeding season in January.


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