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Nature experience in February

Search for the traces of wild animals in the snow!

Some animals around Mondsee and Irrsee are living very secretly and hidden.

However, when the landscape is covered with fresh snow, the secret inhabitants of the lakeshore, meadows and forests reveal themselves by their traces. The common traces of deer and brown hare are relatively easy to determine and recognize. In some places, e.g. along the river "Wangauer Ache" in the village of Loibichl, you can find the traces of an otter if you are lucky. To catch a glimpse of this shy marten species is a real stroke of luck.

That is why the evidence of these secret inhabitants is usually only provided by their traces in the snow.

During a walk or on your cross-country skis at the golf club "Am Mondsee" (Attention: For safety reasons entry is only possible outside the golf season, from approx. November to April - please note the announcement at the entrance), another very rare rodent can be found, the beaver.

Because of the webbed skin between his toes and the flattened tail, he leaves clear traces in the snow.
In addition to its footprints, the busy rodent is also working very hard: A lot of trees are gnawed and sometimes also felled by him. Therefore "Bokert" (as the beaver is called in our fables) is often not very popular.
However, as long as he drops his trees in the nature reserve around the estuary of the river "Fuschler Ache" and spares the trees on the golf course, the beaver doesn't have to be afraid of humans (Can someone please tell him?)


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