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Nature experience in March

Listen to the sounds of moor-flutes and bleating birds!

From March onwards, strange and loud flute sounds can be heard in the nature reserve Irrsee-Nordmoor in the municipality of Oberhofen.

These are coming from a rare bird species that only breeds in a few breeding pairs in Austria and which is the heraldic animal of the municipality of the village of Oberhofen - the Eurasian curlew.

The curlew is very rare in Austria, so it is very fortunate for us, that a handful of breeding pairs are breeding in the moor meadows around lake Irrsee.
The male limits his territory with so-called territorial delimitation flights, which are accompanied by the striking flute tones. The big and shy snipe bird can best be observed from the ornitological observation hut in Oberhofen.

Who's bleaking in the moor?

In the early morning, in particular, you can hear bleating noises from the air. This bleating, which is reminiscent of a goat, is caused by the Common snipe. It is an instrumental noise that is caused by the feathers of the birds, during rapid swoops from a height of about 50 meters. The snipe also breeds in a few pairs in the wet meadows of the nature reserve Irrsee Nordmoor.


Do not enter! Even if the grass is still low and no bird can be seen, the Irrsee Nordmoor is an important retreat for rare meadow breeders. Every disturbance - hence every step on the meadows - can be fatal to meadow breeders. We therefore appeal to enter the meadows under no circumstances!

Thank you!


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