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Sailing and surfing at lake Mondsee

The biggest sailing school in the alps, two yacht clubs with long tradition and loads of sailing aficionados scrimmage on the Mondsee in the Salzkammergut.

If you look down from a mountain peak to lake Mondsee on a sunny summer day you note immediately: lake Mondsee in the Salzkammergut area is a sailing dorado. Countless boats of all classes scrimmage next to each other on a total lenght of 12km water surface. Here you find all inforamtion abour sailing on lake Mondsee.

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Generally lake Mondsee is said to be an easy wind spot where different wind proportions occure on the different parts of the lake and challenge every sailor. Distinctive mountains like Dragonwall (Drachenwand) and sheep mountain (Schafberg) dominate the landscape and allow deep interaction with the nature. As to say - sailing with pleasure. Btw: International sailing stars like the Hagara brothers started their career on the Mondsee lake.

Back to wind conditions. As mentioned before various winds occure in the different parts of the Mondsee due to its topography. Mostly the wind is choppy and turning. The best conditions can be found during a warm weather period from west. When fair weather dominates a thermal lift is developing from west or north with turnings up do 30 - 50 degrees.

Wind from the east can be really challenging (Insiders taking part at regattas even call it "catastrophic wind"). This wind has the bad characteristic that it turns rapidely up to 120-150 degrees. Due to cock-and-bull stories it should be possible to make a 180° turn by not touching the sails. But do not worry - wind from the east has got the advantage that he'll always bring you back to the northern banks of the lake where the sailing facilities are situated.

Windstorms mainly appear from the west. If you notice shooting and orange alarm light from the storm warning try to get back to your home harbour as quick as possible.


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Mondsee am Mondsee

Union Yachtclub Mondsee

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St. Lorenz am Mondsee

Sailing school "Weisse Taube"

In "Schwarzindien", part of St. Lorenz, directly at the lake with a big beach! A huge beach with many possibilities to enjoy a summer day at lake Mondsee: Beachvolleyball, Pit-Pat, Table tennis, etc.

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