Wartenfels ruin and Schober peak

Visit the ancient ruin "Wartenfels" and enjoy the view from the Schober peak.

Look out: alpine experience gained, to not start when the weather is bad or the ground is still wet!

Start at the Forsthaus Wartenfels and turn right immediately onto a sharp increasing forest trail. Climb for about 15 minutes to reach the ruin. This trail is also an experience for kids. From the ruin follow the trail straight ahead until the Schober peak. The trail is made safe with ropes, surefootedness is a pro anyway. After enjoying the view over the Mondsee and Irrsee lakes hike along to the next peak called "Frauenkopf" with another exceptional view over the Fuschlsee lake. The way back is strong decreasing through the forest to the starting point.

Tour and route information

Starting place: 5303 Thalgau
Destination: 5303 Thalgau
Path number: 10
Panoramic view:
Great panorama
Duration: 2.5 hours
Metres of altitude: 400m
Lowest point: 921m
Highest point: 1321m

Paths covering:

Forest road
Secured trail
Hiking trail

Most economical season:

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Along the trail

Mild Gastronomie GmbH, Forsthaus Wartenfels

Traditional summer dishes
Local flavors and wide selection of Austrian Fondou

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Ruin Wartenfels - Thalgau

The ruin is positioned on the western side of the schober. The ruin was built from "Konrad von Kahlham " in 1259. Since then he called hisself "von Wartenfels". He sold everything also the tithes to the archbishop of Salzburg in 1301 for 180 pounds.
The bishop setted up a court in the castle. This court was responseble for Thalgau, Fuschl, Faistenau and Abersee.
The community of Thalgau started to built a new court in the center of Thalgau and so the decay of the castle Wartenfels started.
After many years Thalgau decided to renovate the ruin. Responsible for the renovation was a architekt from Thalgau. The building work started in 1981.
In nowadays you cna see the ruin from Thalgau, the walls are now mounted.

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Altitude profile

Altitude profile: Wartenfels ruin and Schober peak


Schober mountain mass

On 26th october is the mountain mass on top of the Schober from the alps club Thalgau.
Beginning: 11.00 a.m


Tourismusverband Thalgau

Marktplatz 4

+43 6235 7350

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Wartenfels ruin and Schober peak


Duration: 2.5 h

Metres of altitude: 400m


Panoramic view:

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