Irrsee Lake

The smaller brother of the Mondsee lake

To the north of the Mondsee you can find the romantic Irrsee lake. This moor lake is 5 km long and 1 km wide and is surrounded by a natural and unspoilt landscape. Due to its unique fauna and flora the whole lake is protected by nature protection laws. Bathers enjoy its warm temperatures while anglers appreciate its good stock of fish.

As legend goes, the area now covered by the Irrsee was once a fertile farmland. Once the castle of an evil and crafty sorcerer stood upon a hill here. He tormented all of his diligent neighbours with his pranks. One day he sent a messenger to give the brave salt miners of Bad Ischl a sealed pot. They were suspicious enough to refuse the gift and so the messenger took it back. On the way back to the castle he took a break an opened the pot himself out of curiosity. Masses of water flowed out and flooded the whole area sinking the castle. The water formed the Irrsee lake and some days the towers of the castle can still be seen at the bottom of the lake.

water report

Report dated: 10.09.2014 - 08:00
Water temperature: 18°


  • Fishing
  • Kayak/canoe/rafting
  • Rowing
  • Swimming/bathing


Suitable for kids (all ages)
Suitable for pushchairs

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Attractions / Infrastructure

Gemeinde Oberhofen

Nr 12
4894 Oberhofen am Irrsee
+43 (6213) 8215

Gemeinde Zell am Moos

Kirchenplatz 1
4893 Zell am Moos am Irrsee
+43 (6234) 8215


Holiday at Lake Irrsee

At lake Irrsee, in the north of lake Mondsee, you can relax and enjoy the wonderful landscape.
From 99,00 €


Around the Irrsee lake

Mondsee am Mondsee
20km of pure nature experience

Around the Mondsee and Irrsee lake

Mondsee am Mondsee
Like a big "eight" around the Mondsee and the Irrsee lakes.


Irrsee Lake

4893 Zell am Moos am Irrsee

+43 6232 2270
Fax machine:
+43 6232 2270 - 22

Tourismusverband MondSeeLand
Dr. Franz Müller Straße 3, 5310 Mondsee am Mondsee


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