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Our philosophy

"Griaß di" in the region of Mondsee and Irrsee!

We are pleased that you have found your way to our beautiful region and cordially invite you to explore our living space!

We do not perceive the Mondsee-Irrsee region primarily as a tourist destination, but as a unique natural and cultural landscape. As a living space in which all aspects of regional coexistence interlock. Living, working, business and agriculture, infrastructure, leisure opportunities, culture and nature.
And of course you as a traveler are also a part of it!

We are happy if you do not only visit us for the sake of the place or to tick off a special Instagram place.
We look forward to your experience and adventure with us and we look forward to you enjoying sunsets and regional dishes with us.
We are pleased that you want to experience the flavour of our nature with us and that we are able share it with you!

At the same time, we also appeal to you: Protect our habitat just as we do, so that future generations can still swim in our lakes and discover rare animal and plant species!

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Tourism association Mondsee-Irrsee
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