A warm welcome [Griaß di]!

at the lakes #Mondsee and #Irrsee!

Discover two lakes that couldn't be more different, experience more than 6,000 years of history with the aroma of our nature and collect moments for life on your journey through our habitat.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Silence instead of 'mute' - this is the sound of Salzkammergut!

Your summer at the lakes Mondsee and Irrsee

Lake or mountain

What would you choose?!

Although ... this question does not actually arise at Mondsee and Irrsee.

Because when you stand on the shore of the Mondsee and the turquoise-blue water of the lake lies in front of you, the striking peaks of our mountains are already luring in the background. And if you stand on the mountain, down in the valley the turquoise blue water of Mondsee and Irrsee flashes up to you and screams for a little cooling off!

You are a "counter-current" hiker and you like walking on unknown paths? Lonely trails and deserted nature are pure relaxation for you?

We have what you need!

lonely paths

Nature experience in July: Lake Eibensee

Behind mount Drachenwand and under the peak of the Marienköpfl, lies the nature reserve Eibensee. The Eibensee is a small, but very idyllic mountain lake and a gem of untouched wilderness.

nature experience
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