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Museum Rauchhaus in winter, snowcovered, in the background there are trees and mountains

Museums in the region Mondsee-Irrsee

History, tradition and specialities

Locals, visitors from surrounding areas and guests from all over the world enjoy spending their leisure time or holidays at the lakes Mondsee and Irrsee.

We owe the well-kept landscape, crafts, tradition and regional culinary highlights a history of 6.000 years, which formed the today's MondSeeLand.

The museums in Mondsee show the development of the lake dwellings, they inform about the UNESCO-wolrd-heritage, they show the development of the agriculture in our region and they remind us of the "Salzkammergut Lokalbahn" (local train in the 20th century).

In Zell am Moos the "Irrsee Heimathaus" fascinates with an old smokehouse from the 18th century and other historical items of our region.