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Boat cruise on lake Mondsee

What is more beautiful than a voyage over a lake in the Salzkammergut area?

The ship's bell is ringing and the captain asks the passangers for coming on bord.
Take your seat at the upper deck, a refreshing drink in your hand and here we
go - ship cruising over lake Mondsee in the Salzkammergut area.
Immediately after departing the passangers get new insights into the marvellous landscape.
From the water you are able to spot things which cannot be seen from the landside.
The old villas in an area called "black india" (Schwarzindien) is followed
by the nature conservation area "magic forest".
Here the herons are breeding and can be observed. The hole in the dragonwall (Drachenwand),
the mountain looking like a huge cliff, seems to be tiny but in fact it has a dimension of almost 8m.
n sunny days you always spot climbers on the rope bridge which is part of the via ferrata dragonwall.



Three seas?

Captain Peter gives you a taste:

If you are on the top of Schafberg and the weather is nice, you can see the sea of ​​forests, otherwise you see a sea of ​​fog in the valley and if there is fog above, then you see nothing at all.

Rent an electric, pedal or rowing boat and discover the romantic bays on Lake Mondsee for yourself.

Mondsee Shipping Hemetsberger Family

Captain Franz steers the MS MondSeeLand across the lake.

Dogs are allowed on bord.

Yearly lake cruises to Schafberg. Special cruises only by request. 

Spend romantic hours on boat while the sun goes down! Those lake cruises are offered in July and August.

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