© Foto TVB Mondsee-Irrsee/Herbert Benedik; Winterlandschaft im MondSeeLand, Mondsee-Irrsee
© Foto TVB Mondsee-Irrsee/Alexandra Fazan; Winterlandschaft Mondsee
Blick von der Drachenwand auf den Mondsee und die winterliche Landschaft

Nature experience in April

Awakening of the forest.

In the winter months, the mixed forests on mount Mondsee, mount Hochplett and mount Koloman impress with their silence. In spring, however, the forest comes back to life.
The deciduous trees sprout and get their leaves, the birds begin to sing their various songs and transform the forest into a natural concert hall.
The first flowers are blooming and soon the wetter sections of the forests smell of the tasty wild garlic. Various mammals such as hedgehogs and badgers wake up from their hibernation and roam the forest for tasty snacks.
Frogs and toads join the birds in the spring concert of the forest.

Tips for walks in the forest

Mount Koloman (Kolomansberg)
Hiking trail no.8 through the Helenental valley via hotel Leidinger up to the small wooden church of St. Koloman.

Mount Hochplett (Hochplettspitze)
From the beach of Loibichl to the village of Bergen and further up to the peak of Hochplett.

Mount Mondsee (Mondseeberg)
From the center of Mondsee via the Hans-Pabst-Trail (Mondseeberg) to the Radstatt chapel and on to the Kulmspitze (Lookout tower!).


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