© Foto TVB Mondsee-Irrsee/Valentin Weinhäupl: Ein Pärchen sitzt am Seeufer des Mondsees mit Ausblick auf Seerosen, den Schafberg und die Drachenwand.
© Fischen ©TVB Dittlbacher
Fische im Netz, Blick auf den See und die Berge

Regulations for angling at Lake Mondsee

Closed seasons:
The closed seasons and minimum sizes are printed on the fishing or guest card and these must be observed. Exceptions for Mondsee:

  • Lake trout: closed season 16 October to 15 December, min. 50 cm
  • Pike: closed season 01 April to 15 May, min. 50 cm
  • Carp: closed season 01 June to 30 June, min. 35 cm
  • Bream: closed from 16 May to 15 June, min. 30 cm
  • Reinanke: closed from 01 October to 15 February, min. 30 cm
  • Vendace: closed from 01 October to 15 February, min. 30 cm
  • Bleak: none
  • Arctic char: 16 September - 15 December, min. 25 cm
  • Catfish or catfish, none, none

There are no restrictions on the size of bait. Live bait is prohibited.

I. General:
According to § 20 Upper Austrian Fisheries Act, 3 requirements have to be fulfilled in order to practise angling:

1) Proof of fishing qualification: Upper Austrian fishing card, legitimation of another province or state.

2) Annual fishing card and payment of the annual fishing card fee.

3) Valid fishing licence for Lake Mondsee
- The fishing licences issued cover the whole of Lake Mondsee, but not the streams flowing into Lake Mondsee, the lake outlet (Seeache), the Drachensee in St. Lorenz and the Egelsee in Scharfling (Exception: Temporary exclusion zones see point IV)
- The entitlement acquired with the fishing licence is non-transferable and will not be taken back.
- The acquisition of multiple licences for Lake Mondsee, by the same person is not permitted.
- Angling fishing begins on 1st April and ends on 2nd November and may be carried out day and night with the exception of April (night fishing is prohibited in April).
- Licences are always valid from 00:00 hrs start day to 24:00 hrs end day.

II. angling:
A) Excluding whitefish and vendace fishing
1. angling may only be carried out from the shore.
2. the use of a maximum of 2 devices at the same time is allowed, which are to be supervised PERSONALLY. In addition, the use of a sink (stave) with a size of max. 1×1 m is allowed for catching bait fish.
3. in order to avoid damage, a sufficient distance (at least 50 m) shall be kept from the fishing gear of professional fishermen.
4. when practising angling, damage to reeds, rushes or aquatic plants, especially in the case of mudflat fishing, shall be avoided.
(5) Angling shall be carried out in a manner appropriate to grazing. Prohibited fishing methods are in particular the use of lines and snares, as well as the piercing, hooking or harpooning of fish and the use of artificial light sources (e.g. lamps shining into the water, luminous baits, etc.). The closed seasons and minimum sizes printed in the Fisheries Act shall be observed.
7. The sale and commercial exploitation of caught fish is prohibited.


B) Reinanken and vendace fishing:
Time: 1 April to 30 September
When practising angling, only one "paternoster system" with a maximum of 5 hooks may be used.
Catch limit:
The catch of char as well as the mass catch of bleak is prohibited without exception. Reinanken and whitefish: 4 pieces of noble fish per day. The caught whitefish and whitefish are to be entered immediately with date and time into the catch lists issued by the fishery committee with biros.

III. licences:
1. For children under the age of 12, fishing from the shore with a single rod (night fishing as well as fishing for whitefish and whitefish is prohibited!) is permitted until revoked.
Please note that nevertheless fishing is only allowed with 2 rods (fisherman with authorisation and child)!
2. children who reach the age of 12 during the fishing season may purchase a youth licence until they reach the age of 18.
3. there are season, monthly and weekly licences. (Concerning the practice of angling with youth licences, the provisions under points I. and II. A) shall apply.
4. season, monthly, 2-day and daily licences can be purchased for adults and youths over the age of 18. Further information is available from the issuing offices.

Boat licence:
Only a limited number of boat licences are issued, waiting list!

IV. restricted zones:
1. SAIBLING RESTRICTED AREA: Kienbach to Schiffssteg Kreuzstein. May only be fished from 16 May to 15 September.

2. FUSCHLERACHE NATURE PRO TECTIONAREA: Entry and navigation prohibited within the area marked (pilots with signs). Fishing from the gravel bank (estuary area) is permitted from 1. 4. to 30. 6. and from 15. 8. to 2. 11. Access is only permitted on the path to the left of the Fuschlerache.

3. reed exclusion zones: In the period from 1 April to 15 May.

a) reed area between the quarry pond and the sewage treatment plant

c) reed area left of Warte am See to the bathing place Mayerhofer, except the area of the public bathing place Loibichl

d) reed area Abel-Mosinger (bay "Pichl")

e) Reed area from the first boat hut on the left to the first bathing hut on the right of the outflow of the Egelsee.

f) Reed area north of the Badger Bridge from road km 35 to the first building before the Orterbach.

4. LAKE PROMENADE MONDSEE: In the period from 1 May to 30 September from 08:00 to 20:00 for the publicly accessible shore in the area of the Mondsee lake promenade.

FISHING DECLARATIONS: Season licence holders are obliged to submit a fishing declaration to one of the listed licence issuing offices by 30 November of the year. Forms are available at the licence issuing offices.

Important: Any damage to the fishing gear of professional fishermen must be reported immediately to the nearest professional fisherman or to one of the licence issuing offices. In most cases, such damage is covered by liability insurance (household insurance) taken out by the angler.


ATTENTION: At the moment there are only some guest fishing permits available!

Otherwise, fishing permits are only available with a fishing licence!