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Two persons on hoops which are drawn by a boat at lake Mondsee


Fishing at lake Mondsee

Here you'll find all information about fishing at lake Mondsee

At lake Mondsee you'll find: whitefish, carp, bream, pike, zander, eel, perch, char and different trouts. Due to two endemic fish species the Mondsee and the Attersee lake are protected by European nature conservation laws (Natura2000). Boat-fishing is only allowed for the professional fishermen.

Season: 1 April - 31 October

Please consider the restricitions as followed:

  • four whitefish a day only
  • removing chars is not allowed
  • other fish species do not have restricitions
  • fishing is only allowed from the waterside

For fishing in the Mondsee lake you need a fishing licence from Upper Austria. You can get one if you have a known fishing permission = official fishing document. 


Tourism association Mondsee-Irrsee
Dr. Franz Müller Str. 3
5310 Mondsee

Phone+43 6232 2270
Fax machine+43 6232 2270-22

Fishing licence issuing offices

Mondsee am Mondsee

Robert´s Cafe & Bistro - Fishercard on the Mondsee

In Robert's Cafe you can get the fishing license for the Mondsee. 

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Innerschwand am Mondsee

Gas station - Edtmayer, Mondsee Fishing Grounds - Fishing License Office

petrol station, garage, fishing licence, bicycle service,... fishing licence:you get it during the openning hours of the petrol stationThe Upper Austria licence book, Fishing eligibility necessary. Children up to 12 years free, but in company with an…

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Scharfling am Mondsee

Cafe-Restaurant Scharflingerhof

Families with children are welcome, dogs are allowed Fishing license issuing office 100 Seats in the Restaurant, 80 seats on the terrace,Big guided tours after advance notification

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