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Regulations for fishing at the Irrsee

The Irrsee is completely under nature protection. Motor boats are prohibited.

Since 2007, fishermen with a year-round E - Motor permit may use an electric motor.

An echo sounder may neither be carried nor used.

Special Britteldimensions:
Deviating from the legal Brittel dimensions, the following apply for

  • Pike 60 cm
  • Special closed season: pike from 1 February to 30 April
  • Vendace (whitefish) 36 cm
  • Special closed season: Vendace (Reinanken) from 1 November to 31 January
  • Pikeperch 50 cm
  • Trout 50 cm
  • Carp 40 cm


What are you allowed to fish with?

  1. You are allowed to use 3 fishing rods with one bait each. Fishing with the Hegene is only allowed with a rod with max. 6 nymphs and with a hook sizenot smaller than 0.14. (smaller means 0.16, 0.18 ....) If fishing with a Hegene, the use of other fishing rods is prohibited. The use of a hand-held stave (1x1m) for bait fishing is allowed.
  2. A maximum of 30 m of shore length is available for setting up the 3 fishing rods.
  3. No fishing rods may be anchored in the water or on unoccupied boats.
  4. The fishing rod(s) or tackle must be personally supervised by the licensee.
  5. The float/marker/feeding buoy may not be set more than 30 metres from the shore, boat and rod. Floats/markers/feeding buoys must be supervised and must be removed immediately after fishing. No more than two markers are allowed per angler.


What is not allowed:

  1. Live bait fish (§ 32, Abs. 5 des OÖ. Landesfischereigesetzes) and the use of bait fish from other waters.
  2. from 1 Nov. to 31 Jan. the use of the hegene (paternoster). Laying lines or nets of any kind.
  3. In addition to a valid annual licence, no other licence may be purchased.
  4. In May, bottom and float fishing for all carp species is prohibited. Except for bottom fishing for pike in May with whole dead bait fish from a bait fish size of at least 15 cm.(Fish shreds are only prohibited in May) No size limit applies for fish shreds.


Driving with E - motor is only allowed for licensees in pursuit of fishing with the "boat annual card with E - motor".

When trolling, the use of the electric motor is allowed from 16 March to 31 December.
From 1 January to 15 March, the electric motor must be folded up during trolling. When trolling, no more than 3 rods per boat may be used. To avoid collisions, the boat must be illuminated as follows during the night hours (white light at the bow and red light at the stern)
An echo sounder may neither be carried nor used.

A distance of 50 m is to be kept from the marked marking cube of the consortium (net or protection zone marking). A distance of 50 m must also be kept from the marked measuring buoy. Fishing and navigating in the zander and sea trout protection zones marked by marker cubes is strictly prohibited within a radius of 50 m. The distance applies to both anglers and bait.

No more than a total of 4 whitefish (Reinanken), as well as 2 carp, and one lake trout or zander may be taken from the waters per day. Caught large whitefish, pike and catfish (catfish no minimum size) must be taken. The taking of pikeperch is limited to 5 pieces per fishing season. One carp of more than 80 cm may be taken per fishing season. The total taking quantity is limited to 25 pieces of carp per season . 3 lake trout may be taken per fishing season.
The catch of bream is limited to 10 pieces per day. Fish taken (except bait fish) are to be entered immediately in the catch list to be carried along, stating date and time. For all fish species, the information must be given in centimetres. In the case of lake trout, the entry in the catch list shall be as accurate as possible: Length, weight, markings (adipose fin present?), catch location, bait, water depth.

If 4 vendace and/or 2 carp or one lake trout/pike-perch per day or 10 bream have been taken, fishing for this species is to be stopped immediately. If 60 vendace or 25 carp or 3 lake trout and 5 pike-perch per year have been taken, fishing for the respective species is no longer allowed.

A sport fisherman who has taken the place first may demand a distance of at least 20 m from the second. This regulation applies from fisherman to fisherman and not from fisherman to bait. Regulation of sturgeon fishing for vendace. Throwing a sturgeon in the direction of another fisherman is prohibited without exception.

When fishing for vendace, a landing net with a rubberised net is obligatory. Landing nets with a nylon net are prohibited when fishing for vendace.

Fish taken (except bait fish) must be killed immediately, otherwise put back immediately. Undersized fish shall be put back immediately and gently. The use of a landing net is prohibited.

Caught fish may not be sold, transferred or exchanged for goods.

The catch list must be completed by each licensee and submitted to the SAB office - 4840 Vöcklabruck, Gmundner Str. 75, or to a licence issuing office by 31st January of the following year. ATTENTION: Licences for the following year will only be issued against submission of this catch list. The serial number of the catch list or a second or replacement catch list must be entered in the licence book. Second catch lists must include the carry-over of the first catch list with the number of fish caught in that season.

Children under 12 years of age may fish with a rod and bait from the bank and boat under the supervision of a fishing licence holder. The fish caught must be recorded in the fishing licence holder's catch list (Hegenenfischen with more than one hook is not allowed).

Restriction for E-motors
For the protection of fishery and swimmers there is a restriction for E-motors at the Irrsee. The power of the drive may not exceed 1500 watts. If an E-motor is outside the limits set by the Consortium Zeller Irrsee, this is a violation of the operating regulations and the motor has to be removed immediately.

Violationof the operating regulations:
Violation of the operating regulations will result in the withdrawal of the licence without reimbursement of costs and, if necessary, a report to the authorities.

Acknowledgement of the operating regulations:
By signing these operating regulations, the licensee confirms that he/she has received the operating regulations and acknowledges that any inspection of the licensee's containers (boat, rucksack, bags, boot, etc.) by any inspection body commissioned by the Lake Zell (Irr-) Konsortium is to be permitted. The licence only becomes valid when the operating regulations have been signed.

SAB - Office Tel./Fax +43 (0)7672 77672 - E-Mail

Office opening hours: Every Thursday from 16:00 to 19:00.

The opening hours are valid from February until the end of April.


Further information can be found on "SAB Zeller Irrsee"!